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Do you want to know the secret how to make leg day your favourite day?

This 90 Day Transformation guide will help you achieve eye catching legs, WITHIN 90 DAYS.

“Legendary Legs”
The 90-Day
Transformation Guide

The fastest and smartest path for women regardless of their busy schedules. Get set to target your lower body from every angle, and reveal your stronger, sexier, and defined legs in as little as 90 days.

I'll guide you step-by-step to go from "chicken legs" to "legendary legs"!

What's included?

Customized Workout Plan

A bespoke training plan to suit your individual goals. Completely flexible to how you like to exercise. Whether that's at home or at the gym, it's your plan and it's your choice.

Customized Nutrition Plan

An individualised nutrition plan based on your personal calorie needs, incorporating your favourite meals in a more nutrient dense way to help you achieve your goals whilst eating the foods you love


To make sure your plan is right for you we will have an in depth consultation prior to understand your current diet, training and health history

Pocket PT

Although I call myself an online coach I often refer to myself as a 'life coach' as well. When it comes to my clients I provide full support and quick replies. There are NO silly questions I'm always here to help.

Accountability System

During check-ins, we log your weight, measurements and take photos to keep you accountable whilst discussing your mentality to ensure you are on track with complete support


The community facebook page and WhatsApp group allows our clients to form connections with not just us but each other as well. We also have a live workout every Friday morning to start the weekend.



About Me

My name is Irena and I am the founder of Legendary Legs The 90 Day Transformation guide. I decided to become a personal trainer after spending years mindlessly in the gym and random sports classes. With the knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years, I've made it a mission to share my experience and my journey to help you be healthy, confident, and strong. I will guide you through the benefits of training that have helped me become the person I am today.

I care about my clients and I will help you too, to find yourself looking at your body in a whole new light. You will feel happier and stronger (just in 90 days). If you are interested to make lasting changes to your life, simply sign in for the program today!

I want to help motivate women to feel confident in their skin and embrace their natural beauty, feeling strong physically and mentally.

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