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Dear Friend...

Have you ever felt tired of trying new diets, at-home and gym workouts that never seem to get you consistent and LONG LASTING results?

But today I would love to share with you A SECRET, that actually gets you REAL RESULTS!

Here’s some proof

I've created “THE LEGENDARY LEGS” for many people like you out there, who want to find a way to lose weight for real, build lean muscle, get perfectly shaped legs AND maintain those results for the long-term.

See What Clients Have to Say

"I have a very busy lifestyle... I'm a cabin crew member and future pilot, so it's very hard for me to stick to the gym routine while flying all over the world"

Ira, 38. Lost 3 kgs of excess fat and achieved the desirable hourglass shape figure.

“I was never consistent with exercising, because of flying- often feeling jet lagged or not having the gym access. But with Irena’s online program I can stick to my routine and exercise no matter which part of the world I am, in the gym, hotel room or even outdoors.”

"But what if I'm already working out regularly and eating pretty healthy?"

Alina, 27. Built the lean muscle, toned up legs and glutes.

“All my life I was into different sports & activities: dancing, surfing, horse riding. But I was getting tired very quickly and never satisfied with the quality of my body. Just after a few weeks with Irena’s “Legendary Legs” Guide I felt the difference and saw the real results of my consistency in the mirror”.

"But what if I'm not interested in building muscle...?"

Emma, 34. Got lean muscle without getting “bulky” and lost 5 kgs of excess fat.

“I was always scared to get that “manly look” or become bulky if I lift weights. But Irena explained to me how the weight training works and I can’t be more happy to receive so many compliments about the way my body looks now! Only 90 days with the “Legendary Legs” and my lifestyle and habits changed forever!”

4 reasons why...


...you are not losing fat. You’ve tried “everything”: Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Hip Hop Abs, 7 Day Challenges, Creams, Waist Wraps, Fat Burners… But the truth is that...

diets or fast fat loss solutions almost never work long term. Studies show that people who diet tend to gain more weight over time. So if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off long term, focus on adopting health-promoting lifestyle habits instead of approaching weight loss from a dieting mindset. Examples include eating a nutrient-dense, balanced diet, exercising as much and as often as possible, and doing those things that make you happy on a regular basis. Focus on nourishing your body instead of depriving it and let weight loss follow as a natural side effect.


...You won’t become bulky or “manly” by lifting the weights.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a lady say, “I don’t lift weights because I don’t want to look hard and manly,” I probably would be a very rich person!;) In reality that is just one of the many myths surrounding weightlifting and I think it is time for it to be uprooted. Let me state right off the bat that lifting weights will not cause a woman to suddenly put on 1,000 pounds, turn green and rampage through Georgetown. Lifting weights will not cause a woman to look, act or become manly, simply because women produce less testosterone, the primary muscle-building hormone, and develop less lean muscle mass than a man training with the same intensity. It is scientifically proven that resistance training builds muscle to increase your metabolic rate (which boosts the number of calories you burn throughout the day). So following a balanced workout and nutrition program, women can develop a strong, but still feminine body.


...you should not skip cardio.

Debunking another popular myth, cardio will not burn your muscles, provided you are doing enough weight training and supplementing your workouts with balanced nutritious meals. Essentially, cardio optimises the pathways your body uses to repair the “damage” made by your weight work and could actually increase the muscle mass.
(Note: if you are planning on doing long or high-intensity cardio, it's best to perform your cardio and strength sessions on different days or separate them by at least 6 hours.)


...You don't feel motivated to workout.

Well, I guess you just don’t know where to start. “What do I eat? How much? Are carbs bad? Should I lift? What if I never lifted before?” The list goes on and on… But don't worry, I've got your back. In the “Legendary Legs” 90-Day program I will guide you how to set up a Realistic Goal and implement it daily, without exhausting yourself with diets or giving up a social life!

What you get once you enroll...

Custom Workout Plan

  • Exercise Demonstration Videos for your best posture.
  • Body measurement tools to measure your fitness goals regularly.
  • Workout guides are specially designed to meet your goals.

Custom Nutritional Plan

  • Supplement Guides, Lists and Plans to get the best out of your workout plans.
  • Grocery Lists to get the best out of your plate.
  • Recipe Ideas to make your boring meal tasty and delicious.

Accountability System

  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Facebook Community
  • Private Whatsapp Access
  • Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

My clients start seeing results straight away from the moment they start implementing, no need to wait for months until you see yourself closer to the best version of yourself

Results that you will keep for life, my coaching is an investment that you do once in a lifetime and you get to implement for the years to come.

For you to become self sufficient and getting you into the best shape of your life without being restrictive and sacrificing your social life!

I have ongoing support on a daily basis, I am here whenever you need me.

My coaching program has been set up to get incredible results for its members with minimal fuss! Gone are the days of only having a 1–1 in person option. At a fingertip, you will have nutrition and training programmes & i’ll always only be 1 message away from supporting YOU! My Check Ins are very in depth and you will have access to additional unlimited support via phone calls when needed! Every exercise is pre recorded (No more second guessing your technique) and you will have literally hours of video content to teach you the knowledge to last a lifetime with access to the members site!

Yes, if you implement the results are guaranteed, or your money back! 

A minimum of 90 days!

My programs are adapted to your availability of resources, whether is at home, at your building gym or at a commercial gym with or without equipment, your goals will be achieved.

My programs are designed specifically for busy people with uncontrollable schedules who have their health and bodies as a priority.

All you have to do is complete this simple question form and book in for a 1–1 call to discuss your goals, what you have been doing to date & whether I can help you! If I can help you, and we are a good fit for each other, then we can start working on your goals immediately!

My promise to you, is that you will never turn down a social event! My 1–1 online coaching promotes a flexible dieting approach, meaning that you have goals to hit, but you do not have to confine yourself to bland food choices! You’ll never have to turn down an event for the treadmill! Working together, we’ll strike the perfect balance between nailing your physique and strength goals while maintaining your social life!

My programs are tailored to all levels from people who have never exercised before to advanced lifters who need further expertise to achieve their goals.

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